See & Explore

Whatever you’re expecting to find in Moscow, trust us: there will be a pleasant surprise or two. The intellectualism of the the University of Idaho mixes with the individualism of people from all walks of life…and it comes together in a medley of unexpected goodness.

Local Parks

Moscow has plenty of parks to please everyone. From hikers to bikers to canines. Whether you want a quiet sanctuary to take a break, a playground area for kids to romp, a rousing game of horseshoes, the perfect spot for a picnic with friends and family, or a safe space to let your dog run free, we've got it all!

Family Fun

Bring the whole family! There are plenty of activities for kids and parents to keep you active and having a great time, indoors and out. Moscow is the perfect place for family bonding and building memories.


Sure, you can expect to find major retailers and brands you love. But on top of that, you'll also find unique outlets, boutiques, and shops with plenty of local flavor. Co-ops. Vintage shops. Outdoor retailers. Arts and crafts stores. It won't take long to find that perfect keepsake.

Sporting Events

As home to the University of Idaho Vandals, Moscow offers sporting events year-around: football, basketball, tennis, swimming, and much more. Plus with plenty of parks, fields, stadiums, and sports complexes, recreational sports are just a way of life here.

Outdoor Recreation & Rentals

We make the great outdoors just a little bit greater. The Latah Trail offers 13 miles for biking, hiking, and sightseeing...and miles of trails connect our neighborhoods and greenways. Enjoy nearby national forests, wildlife areas, and other public lands.


Go for a scenic drive. We are surrounded by rolling green fields of the world-famous Palouse...which also make spectacular rolling green fields for golf. Make a tee time on a local course, and get into the swing of a sunny Moscow afternoon.

Farmers Market

In most places, a farmers market fills a block or two for a few hours. In Moscow, it fills the entire downtown with music, vendors, artists, performers, and of course, farm-fresh produce. It's just one way Moscow takes an expected idea and gives it an unexpected twist.

Arts & Entertainment

We have performing arts theaters in historic venues. We have dozens of museums and galleries filled with original ideas. We have one of the most-beloved jazz festivals in the nation. It's part and parcel for a city that attracts people who naturally think outside the box.